2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Achieving Ultimate Success in Life

Gretchen King-Ann

Gretchen King-Ann, Royal Crown Diamond from Hong Kong, connects the dots between love and career

Gretchen King-Ann

Royal Crown Diamond

Gretchen King and her family have built a life to be proud of. After meeting the first year in college and dating for seven years, Gretchen and her husband, Andy, began their life together. Now a family of three, and having just celebrated their 10th anniversary, they thrive while using Young Living’s products.

Before discovering Young Living, Gretchen had experience in marketing and other network-marketing companies. She found herself in the midst of a negative experience with other companies, so she took a step back. After being introduced to Young Living, she wasn’t focused on business building. In fact, she was very cautious when it came to network marketing.

Gretchen started attending events, using more of the products, and began learning as much as possible about Young Living. It didn’t take her long to realize that the culture and purpose of Young Living is drastically different from what she was used to. With an invigorated attitude and relying on her strong background in marketing, Gretchen found her voice in Young Living and has enjoyed sharing her love of the products ever since. In 20018, she obtained an MBA degree in Marketing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For Gretchen, success is about balancing and accomplishing everything. She has a very simple piece of advice for anyone just joining Young Living: Use the oils!

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