2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Empowering Teens with YL

Patty McLain

Get teens involved and empowered!

Patty McLain

M.Ed., Author of A Teen's Guide to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance

Author of A Teen's Guide to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance

Patty McLain is a Young Living Silver leader and she brings a unique blend of skills and talents to her wellness work because she is constantly learning new ways to empower others. In addition to an extensive academic background which includes multiple advanced degrees in education, she is an ordained minister, AromaFreedom Technique (AFT) certified instructor, author, speaker, coach, and youth wellness advocate.

Patty’s wellness and empowerment practices are being used in schools around the globe as part of the Everyone Matters campaign where she has served as the School Programming and Student Empowerment Advisor since 2014. Through her work in schools, in the community, and privately, Patty has created a full spectrum approach that focuses on creativity, compassion, confidence, positivity and mindfulness in order to equip teen with enhanced personal, social, and emotional skills.

To inquire about Youth Wellness Coaching, Group Workshops, or speaking engagements, visit www.thepattymclain.com.

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