2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Carol Yeh-Garner

Growing your business with Royal Crown Diamond Carol Yeh-Garner

Carol Yeh-Garner

Royal Crown Diamond

Carol Yeh-Garner had a successful hypnobirthing therapy practice when she first heard about essential oils. After using health food store brand oils, Carol reached out to a Young Living member to try the “real deal” and has been sharing her passion for Young Living’s pure oils since.

With a resume that includes licensed clinical social worker and hypnobirthing therapist, Carol continues to educate and empower people through her Young Living business. “I’ve always loved sharing and educating people to make better choices for their lives, and Young Living fits right in,” she says.

She believes in putting her whole heart and soul into her business, helping people make good choices, and educating rather than pressuring people into buying product. As part of this approach, Carol works tirelessly to ensure not only her own success but also the success of her team. “The business is changing their lives and the lives of all the people they are sharing oils with. Knowing that we are all changing lives one drop at a time is so rewarding,” she says.

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