2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Making Einkorn Bread

Nicolas Landel, Marianne Just-Meyer

D. Gary Young, Nicolas Landel, and Marianne Just-Meyer teach their methods to making einkorn bread

Nicolas Landel

Young Living Farm Manager, France

Nicolas was literally born into lavender and Young Living. At his conception, both his parents were working at a local distillery where lavender fumes filled the air. It was at that time that his father, Jean-Noël Landel, began his partnership with Gary Young during the early days of Young Living.

At the ripe age of 6 months, he received a foot massage with lavender oil from Gary that has become a legend. He spent his youth playing in lavender fields and being surrounded by essential oils.
For the past four years, Nicolas has been working alongside his father at the farm, learning from Gary and the other Young Living farms as he travels the world for Young Living oils. This passionate life-style that he considers "awesome" along with his talent for languages and natural people skills has made him perfect for it. He loves learning and sharing about how aromatic plants become essential oils: from cultivation to harvesting and finally distilling.

Marianne Just-Meyer

Midwife, Yachtie, and Founder of Essential Inspirations

I have loves and worked with Young Living essential oils and products since 2013. I especially appreciate the freedom, creativity, and personal encounters that I've experienced with and through YL since then!

Midwife, massage therapist, WATSU practitioner, prenatal, and birth trauma therapy, yachtmaster, training as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist

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