2019 Global Essential Oils Symposium

May 25-31, 2019

BioCode Academy is proud to present our third annual Global Online Essential Oils Symposium!

Join us May 25-31 for seven days of education in health, wellness, fitness, science, personal development, and business! — More than 25 essential oils experts are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you!

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Doctor Oli Wenker
International Speaker, BioHacker, Crown Diamond, and Founder of BioCode Academy
Aditya Nowotny
Crown Diamond & Author
Crown Diamond
Beatrice Krammer
Dr. Benjamin Perkus
Creator of the Aroma Freedom Technique
Beverly Blagg McClendon
Animal Rescue Warrior, YL Gold, & Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Dr. Brad Roach, DVM
Carla Sridevi Cohen
Author & Aromatherapist
Chris Opfer
Royal Crown Diamond, Author, & Speaker
Cornelia Mikolash
YL Gold & Holistic Health Practitioner
Dana Schorr
YL Gold & Dance Instructor
Debra Raybern
Royal Crown Diamond & Author
Ed Dailey
YL Senior Global Educator, RN, E500-RYT, & RNPA
Elke Wollschon
Nutritional Consultant
Frances Fuller
Royal Crown Diamond
Jen O'Sullivan
Best-Selling Author & Educator
Joanne Kan
Royal Crown Diamond & Author
Karin Opitz-Kreher
Korbut Wong
Crown Diamond
Lindsey Gremont
Royal Crown Diamond & Author
Lucy Libido
Best-Selling Author
The Oola Guys
Changing the World with a Word
Renee Iserman
CEO of Yoga4Face & Author
Sarah Adamo
YL Platinum & Full Spectrum Educator
Sarah Harnisch
Diamond & Best-Selling Author
Sera Johnson
Royal Crown Diamond
Tamara Packer
Raindrop Educator

Presentation Schedule

May 25

Gary & the Animals at the Skyrider Ranch
Learn more about Gary & the animals at Skyrider
Gary's Book & Biography
Explore Gary's story, narrated by Mary
When Disaster Strikes, Don't Forget the Animals
Stories about essential oils & animals during a natural disaster
(Beverly Blagg McClendon)
Get All In
Focus your attention
(Debra Raybern)
The 3 Brains, Part 1
Did you know you have 3 brains? Part 1
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Mixology 101: How to Blend
The Do's and Don't's of blending oils
(Jen O'Sullivan)
From Bellies to Babies
Oils for pregnancy and babies
(Lucy Libido)
Parenting in Full Color
Using personality colors to be a better parent
(Sarah Adamo)

May 26

Strategy, Structure, and $cratch
Building a Young Living business
(Chris Opfer)
The 3 Brains, Part 2
Did you know you have 3 brains? Part 2
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Generate Abundance Responsibly Yourself (G.A.R.Y)
What does abundance mean to you?
(Frances Fuller)
How to Motivate Your Team
Why is edification so important?
(Lindsey Gremont)
Feelings Kit
Discover the YL Feelings Kit
(Sera Johnson)

May 27

The 10 Minute Face
Basics of skincare & a makeup demo
(Carla Sridevi Cohen)
Do You Speak Bot?
Learn all about messenger marketing and chat bots.
(Cornelia Mikolash)
Young Living Academy, Ecuador
Tour the amazing and special Young Living Academy in Ecuador
(Dana Schorr)
The 3 Brains, Part 3
Did you know you have 3 brains? Part 3
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Helping or Hindering Essential Oils
Body pH & essential oils - what's the connection?
(Jen O'Sullivan)

May 28

Why I Choose Young Living
What sets Young Living apart from other essential oil companies?
NovaVita Rejuvenation & Essential Oils Spa
Learn more about the NovaVita Spa
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Live an optimal and well life
(Ed Dailey)
Cooking with Young Living Products
Delicious and Healthy Recipes
(Elke Wollschon)
Music Video
(Renee Iserman)
A Diamond Rising
Get Unstuck
(Sarah Harnisch)

May 29

Magical Oils for Kids
Fun and educational video for the whole family
(Beatrice Krammer)
Ecuador Farm, Part 1
The Finca Botanica farm: beautiful & important
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
A Fresh Start
Live cleanly and change your life, and the world, for the better.
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Supporting a Healthy Endocrine System
How do environmental circumstances affect our hormones?
(Karin Opitz-Kreher)
Oola Blockers
What's stopping you from having a balanced life?
(The Oola Guys)

May 30

Aroma Boost Technique
Conquer procrastination and overwhelm
(Dr. Benjamin Perkus)
Ecuador Farm, Part 2
The Finca Botanica farm: beautiful & important
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Do you need supplements?
(Jen O'Sullivan)
Train your face muscles, refresh your face
(Renee Iserman)
Following the Leader
Stories about D. Gary Young
(Joanne Kan)

May 31

Abundance: How to Create a Life of Inner & Outer Wealth
"Life is full of growth, life is full of abundance."
(Aditya Nowotny)
CBD Basics
What's the deal with CBD?
(Doctor Oli Wenker)
Defend your body
(Ed Dailey)
China Young Living Experience Center
Tour the new YL Experience Center in China
(Korbut Wong)
Golden Touch Kit
Discover the YL Golden Touch Kit
(Sera Johnson)
Raindrop Massage
Introduction to the Raindrop Massage
(Tamara Packer)

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