2019 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 25-31, 2019

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The 10 Minute Face

Carla Sridevi Cohen

Empower women to create confidence one face at a time with a beginner's guide to good collagen health, how digestive health and skin are related, how to help your skin look its best, and a makeup demonstration and some tips, by Carla Sridevi Cohen

Carla Sridevi Cohen

Author & Aromatherapist

Carla Cohen is an Author, Aromatherapist, Speaker, Healer and Coach. She is certified in 20+ healing modalities and is a member of the John Maxwell Team. As a result of meeting many women who were not feeling confident about their makeup and women who were experiencing skin problems, she decided to author β€œThe 10 Minute Face” to empower women with the knowledge they need to create healthy, ageless skin and feel confident about the β€œhow tos” of makeup.

Once a dynamic Vice President and a Director of Development in the entertainment industry, Carla Cohen received a wake-up call from the universe when her body decided for her that she could no longer put in a 70-hour work week. Her health crisis and recovery took her on a deep inward journey where she started to discern between conditioned beliefs and truth. As a result of shedding old concepts about herself, Carla was able to align with a greater sense of purpose. Her quest to regain her energy and identity set her on a path that encompassed esoteric and traditional methods of healing. She became the client and the apprentice at once. Besides her intense studies with healers and shaman, she peeled off layers by diving deeper into personal development and the human potential movement.

Since that time Carla has studied nutrition, worked in sports medicine, massage and yoga. She has been studying and teaching about therapeutic essential oils for over 15 years. Carla Cohen has been a keynote speaker at the Women’s Health Conference and Earth Day Santa Barbara; she has also taught wellness courses for NBC, Bay Club, Lockheed, United Sports Brands, Yogaworks, Core Power Yoga, Hot 8, CSULB, and Marymount University.

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