2021 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

September 18-23, 2021

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Healthy Lifestyle in Uncertain Times

Laura Hopkins, Jonathan Hopkins

Laura Hopkins

Crown Diamond & Speaker

Give her a week, and she’ll give you 7 Oily Days!

This is more than a tagline for Laura Hopkins’ short, informative oily videos, it’s her mantra with anyone she’s educating on her favorite topic. To get oils into every home in the world is a massive mission, so she created 7oilydays.com for Team YL to use and share.

Laura’s family has been a product-of-the-Young-Living-products since September 2006 and two of her favorite blends are Transformation™ and Believe™ for obvious reasons!

Often speaking from stage with her husband, Jonathan, Laura travels the globe telling her story because she believes in the power of creating brand loyalty by building relationships with members and helping them achieve their personal health goals. And she’s never without her favorite oil blend: Transformation!

In their free time, Jonathan and Laura and their three children enjoy being together as a family in the great outdoors, camping, and exploring ATV trails, as well as cheering for their favorite sports teams. Jonathan and Laura have participated in several YL harvests, distillations, and plantings and plan to visit every Young Living farms around the world.

Jonathan Hopkins

Crown Diamond

For Jonathan and Laura Hopkins, the motivation to succeed comes from their desire to leave a legacy for their children and share their abundance with others. This aspiration drives them and makes owning a business more enjoyable. Jonathan says, “Being a business owner gives freedom,” and Laura adds, “And what’s the point of working without the freedom to enjoy and pass along the fruit of your labor?”

To support their team, they travel the globe and also host trainings in their home. Laura creates brand loyalty by building relationships with members and helping them create health goals, while Jonathan uses principles from his coaching career to engage men as product users and leaders.

Two of Laura’s favorite Young Living oil blends are Transformation™ and Believe™ for their invigorating and inspirational qualities, while Jonathan likes Idaho Blue Spruce for its grounding aroma.

In their free time, the Hopkins and their three children enjoy being together watching or participating in sports, and being outdoors camping or exploring ATV trails. They also love visiting the Young Living’s farms around the world.

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