2021 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

September 18-23, 2021

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Nicole Calame

Nicole Calame

Actress, Psychologist, Healer, & Light Worker

Nicole Calame was born in a beautiful countryside in Switzerland more than 5 decades ago. After a childhood in the rural area, she moved to the city. At first, she worked as a qualified leatherworker. Then she entered the Geneva High School of Dramatic Arts and became a professional actress. A few years later she started to study and got a degree in psychology. She became interested in geo-biology and continued her studies in Germany.

Somewhat by chance she ended up in qualitative market research and started her own company. At the same time, she continued her education in the field of psychology. She acquired a Master and Certificate of Science in a healing technique and a diploma as a light worker. In parallel, art has never stopped accompanying her and she played violin in a chamber orchestra, sang in operettas, etc.

Nicole is also a single mother of an amazing 19-year-old daughter, a talented painter.

During all this time her love for nature has remained intact. She returned to live in the country, where the need to live as naturally as possible - without poisons - is growing stronger every day. She started studying water a few years ago and it has become a passion and a second business. May we realize the true importance of water at all levels of being! This is her wish for all that lives on this beautiful planet!

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