2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Behind the Scenes of "Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils"

Rich Praytor

Behind the scenes and new clips

Rich Praytor

Director, "Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils" Documentary

Rich is the director of Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils, the first ever full length feature documentary about essential oils. Rich was introduced to essential oils in 2014 and decided to find out for himself if they were actually real or just another fad. He spent the next two years interviewing experts, like Doctor Oli and Dr. David Stewart, and discovered the ancient history of essential oils. Not only are essential oils growing in popularity today in America, but plants and their properties have been used in every civilization throughout history as medicine.

Rich and his company Holy Moly Studios have developed the world’s first video on demand app for essential oil education called Oilyflix. It’s designed for someone to not only learn about essential oils, but also be a tool for someone wanting to educate others about essential oils.

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