2017 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium

May 21-27, 2017

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Aditya Nowotny

How to apply and enjoy the Feelings Kit Oils.

Aditya Nowotny

Crown Diamond & Author

Aditya was born in 1963 and grew up in Salzburg, Austria. After living in various parts of Europe like Milan, Italy; Zürich, Switzerland; Den Haag, the Netherlands and Prague, Czech Republic Aditya has made Hamburg, Germany his permanent home since 2002. Aditya has also spent time in Sao Paulo, Brazil (total two years), New York, US (total six years) and Bangkok, Thailand (half a year) on an off-and-on basis as a visitor.

Aditya is an international meditation teacher and motivational speaker and has taught meditation to over 135.000 people in Europe, North America, South America and Asia since 1984. His heart is for the personal and collective progress of human beings in the fields of holistic well-being, personal and spiritual development by following their true purpose as well as achieving not only inner abundance, but also outer, material abundance.

Having been working for a health food company in the 1980’s that first published Stanley Burrough’s “Lemon Diet”, “Master Cleanse” and “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” in the German speaking countries, Aditya still never found essential oils of the supreme quality that Young Living “Seed To Seal” quality essential oils represent - until joining Young Living in 2009.

Joining Young Living in August 2009 was a perfect fit for Aditya, as Gary & Mary Young’s vision and mission and the purity of their oils perfectly rhyme with his own purpose and vocation. Privately, Aditya chose to live a single life, as he has friends and spiritual “family” all across the planet and is travelling frequently. Aditya loves travelling (Molokai, Hawaii, Arizona, Bali, Thailand, India, Brazil and anywhere at the sea and in the mountains) and connecting to places that hold a special energy. He also loves gardening, Formula 1 car racing, science fiction (writing his own stories for nearly a decade), rock music (having been a hard rock guitarist performing on big stages in Austria from 1979 - 1982).

However, Aditya’s deepest love is the Divine, and therefore regular meditations (up to 13 hours) as well as spiritual singing, breathing techniques and study of the Holy Scriptures of mankind are his special endeavour. Aditya Nowotny is the author of “The 30 Day Abundance Challenge”, “Aroma & Yoga”, “The 12 Essential Holy Nights” amongst other online programs and books.

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